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One day as we finished up a round at our local course, we set our bags down and walked into the clubhouse bar to grab some food and drinks as many normally do.  Just as we sat down at the bar to place our orders,  we overheard a conversation currently going on between the bartender and a group of older gentlemen deliberating about what makes a "nineteenth hole" truly special.  As we listened in on this "expert" panel discussion, we heard all sorts of perspectives ranging from the historic venue it's located at, the final views of the course it offers, whether the staff is friendly and simply if the food and drinks are good.  The longer we listened to the conversation, the more evident the answer became to us.  The common denominator between all "nineteenth holes" is that it's a way to extend the day with friends and new acquaintances who all share a common bond, a love for the game of golf.


What makes golf so unique and unlike any other sport is that all courses are different; and in turn, so are their "nineteenth holes".  The unique beauty being that the setting for each distinct watering hole or restaurant doesn't need to be as elegant as the next.  Whether you're having a glass of Lagavulin after a round at Oakmont or a cold Coors Light at your local municipal course, what you tend to remember are the good shots (and bad), laughs and conversation shared with friends and the desire to come back and do it all again. 


Nineteenth Hole Collective was created to serve as an independent voice for the common golfer.  Our aim is to create a collaborative meeting place to help share stories, banter and highlight memorable experiences about the great game and all things related.


Just as grabbing a hot dog at the turn is an essential part of the game, so is looking good while doing so.  With that being said, we've built this site as a centralized location for our online shop.  The best way to hear about new releases of Nineteenth Hole Collective clothing is through our Instagram page or by signing up for our newsletter.  Till then. 


Nineteenth Hole Collective


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